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Minted - Eau de Parfum

Minted - Eau de Parfum

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Moroccan mint tea on ice.
Guilt-free opulence.
Pale green clouds of chalk.
The clean virtual slate.
A crypto curious mind and a full wallet.

The art of the possible. An optimistic outlook. Freshly laundered herb with a touch of cream. Good taste. No acquisition required.

Modern Eclectics’ minted is the fragrance equivalent of a deep breath. Clean jasmine petals and papyrus dust a cup of Moroccan mint tea.

A faint cloud of powder makes the mint accord less
bracing but not soft. Instead, it is expansive and diffuse, carrying with it the subtle touches of violet and lemongrass. This aromatic woody scent lands on skin as a light veil that remains fresh even as the hours tick on.

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