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para_iso - Eau de Parfum

para_iso - Eau de Parfum

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The molecule:  Quincester®

Eve’s fruit of temptation may not have been an apple, but a quince. For the ancient Greeks, it was a symbol of love, dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite. The effusive Quincester®, a captive molecule developed by Firmenich, conveys  the heavenly tartness of the pear-like quince.  “It’s crisp, lively, so radiant it’s almost fluorescent!” says Frank Voelkl, who admits it was love at first sniff for him.

THE SCENT: In Search of Paradise

In para_íso, the radiant Quincester®, guides you “In Search Of” or ISO, the ubiquitous acronym. Cutting through a maze of green vines, the laser-sharp molecule reveals a vibrant oasis of green, floral, fruity and woody notes. Iris, jasmine sambac and a full-bodied, almost coconutty muguet note, the captive Lilyflore®, nestle the tart, juicy fruit in their dewy petals. White Tea Nature Print, a vividly realistic reproduction of the floral-scented beverage, introduces luminous cedarwood. A mirror-like waterfall reflects the light of this bright composition.

The search is over: para_íso is your smile as you bite into the forbidden fruit.


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